US Department of Transportation Announces “Smart US Department of Transportation Smart City ChallengeCity” Challenge for Mid-Sized Cities 

The vision of the Smart City Challenge is to demonstrate and evaluate a holistic, integrated approach to improving surface transportation performance within a city and integrating this approach with other smart city domains such as public safety, public services, and energy. 50 million dollars will be awarded to the city with the most creative proposal.

Technology elements that should be incorporated into the proposal in priority order include:

  1. Urban Automation
  2. Connected Vehicles
  3. Intelligent Sensor Based Infrastructure
  4. Urban Analytics
  5. User-Focused Mobility Services and Choices
  6. Urban Delivery and Logistics
  7. Strategic Business Models and Partnering Opportunities
  8. Smart Grid, Electrification, Electric Vehicles
  9. Connected Involved Citizens
  10. Architecture and Standards
  11. Low Cost, Efficient, Secure, Resilient Information and Communication Technology
  12. Smart Land Use

Application Due Date: 2/4/2016

More information can be found at the USDOT Smart City Challenge web page US Department Of Transportation


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